US General, LLC is a commercial property consultant and general contractor, specifically experienced with weather-related damage.  Our experience is in commercial construction and roofing.  We use our experience to effectively investigate and document property damage as result of weather.  We do not represent ourselves as Appraisers and do not consider, or represent ourselves as Public Adjustors and/or Engineers.  From time to time, US General, LLC may contract with licensed engineers, thermographers, meteorologists, and any other discipline we deem necessary to substantiate our conclusions regarding the causality of property damage.  We are not, and refuse to be a “preferred contractor” with any insurance company.

About US General

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In the Commercial Roofing & Restoration Industry, US General, LLC was established to fill the need for Property Owners that were looking for answers when a weather-related loss became a reality.  We found that many Property owners discovered that their insurance companies, they trusted to protect their investments, seldom worked for their best interests (The Property Owner).  Many times our inspection experts discover damage that was not initially found by the insurance company's field adjuster.  

We provide our customers with valuable information so they can better make a decision regarding their claim.  We have assisted many customers in realizing substantial increases in restoration compensation from their insurance companies.  In most cases we can do our job under contingency, meaning our service will not cost you a dime until your claim is approved.  In other words, there is no risk to retain our services.  We are experts in assessing and documenting damage to commercial properties, and we are experts with every roofing system in the industry.