US General, LLC provides Commercial Restoration Consultation, specifically regarding roof system removal, replacement, with many other construction related disciplines.  We can provide a full Scope of Work, with related RFQ and RFP requests.  We can further manage the construction process as a third party, or as the General Contractor for the project.

Commercial inspections

US General, LLC has some of the most experienced commercial inspectors in the industry.  We are specifically experienced with weather-related storm damage assessment.  We provide a wide variety and different levels of inspections.  We can perform general, non-invasive inspections to comprehensive interior and exterior invasive inspections with analysis.  Every commercial property is unique from the roof, down to the corner-stone.  We are experts in discovering damage, documenting it, and providing a report that will provide you with valuable information regarding causality so you can make an educated decision.  We can also provide estimates for mitigation, repairs and/or replacement costs.

Our Services

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US General LLC provides Commercial General Contracting, and Consulting Services as related to weather related losses.  We are compliant with all Laws and Regulations for the State of Colorado (specifically SB38 and Senate Bill 38).   These new Laws concern the activities of Consumers, Roofing Contractors and Public Adjusters in the State of Colorado.  It is important, as a potential consumer of such services, that you understand these Laws so you don't compromise your situation concerning the management of a weather loss event.

US General, LLC is a commercial property consultant and general contractor, specifically experienced with weather-related damage.  Our experience is in commercial construction and roofing.  We use our experience to effectively investigate and document property damage as result of weather.  We do not represent ourselves as Appraisers and do not consider, or represent ourselves as Public Adjustors and/or Engineers.  From time to time, US General, LLC may contract with licensed engineers, thermographers, meteorologists, and any other discipline we deem necessary to substantiate our conclusions regarding the causality of property damage.  We are not, and refuse to be a “preferred contractor” with any insurance company.


US General, LLC The Roofing & Restoration Division of US General provides General Contracting services to our customers.  We have the experience to manage a project from start to finish, staying on budget and on time.  We are simply the best in the industry, and please don't take our word for it.  We will provide you with references that you are welcome to contact.